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We seek your tax-deductible donations and compassion in continuing to assist the less fortunate help themselves. For Living Unity, Inc teaches that we are Blessed to be a blessing.
Living Unity Chang & Transformation Ministry
Change & Transformation Ministries
The vision of our Change & Transformation Ministry is to restore hope to the soul of individuals, our community, and city, by showing that God is real, alive and has not forgotten about His children. Our homeless outreach ministry p has been embraced by Atlanta 's homeless brothers and sisters and is now ready to take the necessary steps in fulfilling our vision and destiny.
Living Unity Stewardship Ministry
Youth Leadership Development Program
Our focus is on leadership development within our youth ministry. This is an essential element to cultivate within our youth because in this globalized world being an effective leader is an intangible and valuable skill to possess. Our youth are no longer competing in school and for jobs with just kids from the United States but from a variety of countries globally. Recognizing this, Living Unity through Spiritual Ascension assist youth with becoming leaders through identifying and developing leadership styles, traits, and characteristics that a good leader possesses.

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