Mission Statement

The mission of Living Unity through Spiritual Ascension Inc., is to uplift and empower the hearts, minds & spirits of all people we reach into knowing that loving ourselves and others is the most powerful tool that we have been blessed with. we all have divine potential and can become vessels that can be used by Love (God).  For it states in 1 John 4:8 :He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. Luke 17:20-21: , The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Look here! Or Look there!, for the Kingdom of God is within you.

What is Metaphysical Psychology and It's Benefits?

Metaphysical Psychology is the art and science of transforming ones' way(s) of thinking into self-realization and mastery, which is achieved through bringing awareness to the negative aspects of our personalities, and therefore apply compassionate truth, understanding and thus, unconditional love to these negative and most often hidden aspects of oneself, allowing one to accept and love oneself unconditionally which will assist an individual in maximizing and manifesting ones full potential throughout ones behavior, actions, and thus life. Metaphysical Psychology accomplishes this through uniting the unconscious mind (negative/unknown causes/intentions) with the conscious mind (positive/known causes/intentions) within one so that ones' thoughts, behavior, moods, actions, and thus “self” may become known, accepted and understood. Metaphysical Psychology's aim is to implement change and transformation within one by assisting one in becoming aware of one's individualized way(s) of thinking, and specifically, ones limiting and therefore negative way(s) of thinking which prohibit one from maximizing one's potential and talents metaphysical Psychology therefore assists an individual through an internal development process to become a “whole” individual.

It has been stated that Metaphysics is a science of meaning, growth and balance which seeks knowledge of the core causes or essence of things, which are hidden from the (5) five senses. Metaphysics unifies the efforts of all sciences because all sciences deal with ‘being something', whether this ‘something' is perceived by our senses or not. While Psychology's root word is psyche, meaning ‘soul', Metaphysical Psychology as an art and science absorbs into a harmonizing unity the principles of finding the cause and thus purpose for our behavior, intentions, moods, and actions which lie usually undetected in the mind of an individual until attention is brought to them so that one may begin to truly know, accept and love self; unconditionally through compassionate truth. Change and transformation within an individual occurs through exposing ones true intentions behind one's individualized way(s) of thinking, and thus, the root cause for ones' issues in their life. Metaphysical Psychology assists those desiring positive change in their lives to proclaim a companionship between a natural and spiritual life.